Matthew Jones (1st Time Ironman Finisher)

“ I can still remember the feeling when I registered for Ironman UK in 2010, heart was racing, butterflies, dry mouth etc. I can also remember thinking “ right that’s it, January the training starts, no more drinking or smoking, no more working away etc.”

Ironman finishMJ

Fast forward a few Months and nothing has changed other than there is now only twelve weeks untill race day, I knew I needed help, and found Pat at ProVo2, from our first consultation I knew that he understood my needs, I just wanted to finish, he drafted a training plan, I took a metabolic/Vo2 max test and Pat set all my training zones, for 11 weeks I followed the programme as best as I could (averaged 7hrs per week) and achieved my goal of finishing the race, what really impressed me about Pats approach was not only the use of technology to make every training minute count, but the energy and emotional support that Pat seemed to bring, I now realise that I was completely burnt out even before I started, I feel very lucky that I found Pat and subsequently trusted him” Cheers Matt

Matthew Jones
Proprietor & Senior Engineer, C.O.P. Solutions Limited


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