Ryan McLaughlin (AG Ironman Triathlete)

Toward the middle of 2010 weighing in at 95kgs, roughly 20kgs heavier than my end of high school days, a few mates and I decided we were going to do a middle distance triathlon purely for the banter of it. Apart from riding my mountain bike in the local chain gang as a kid I’d never clipped into pedals, I’d never even ridden a road bike in my life, however at the time I thought I was in stellar shape having just completed my very first half marathon distance in a time I would later on train to crush by 35 minutes.

ryan met bike

After getting thrashed by my mates in the first race I decided it was time to take it further and sign up for an Ironman. That’s about when I met Pat Leahy.

After a few sessions I remember being humbled at the science that went into the sport and by the achievements of the members, community and athletes that had come through the doors. I was quickly on track learning from the various mixes of professionals within the ProVO2 group. Dieticians, Physio’s, motivational fitness experts all made it a great base to start learning about the sport, along with the experience of Pat who showed me the ropes of racing an Ironman.

ProVO2 became HQ for the next 6 months; I was dedicated and stuck to plan. Specific training sessions with Pat were tough but always enjoyable.


As a rookie finishing his first ironman in a time of 10:22:00, it was unbelievable. The occurrence of this kind of split for first timers is fairly rare but by no means unheard of… as professional people we all strive to perform well.


As a first timer who had never clipped into pedals, who’s longest distance race was a half marathon a year before, who dropped from 95kgs down to 75kgs in eight months, this is nothing short of a miracle transition, owed largely to old school Ironman training tactics and methods passed on by Pat Leahy.

If you’ve heard the whisper of the epic race call your name, and you choose to step up I would highly recommend you have a session with Pat at ProVO2 to get you going.

Ryan Mclaughlin


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