Natalie Barnard (Pro Ironman Triathlete)

Since being with Pat Leahy and working with the support I recieve from ProVo2 and Base2Race, I feel that even though it has been a small period of time,  I have made great improvements in my levels of fitness, motivation and overall enjoyment. As a fellow Aries, Pat and I have similarities in terms of our dedication to sport/coaching/people, a passion for achieving top notch work, and sometimes even being too hard on ourselves when we feel we havent reached our true potentials (yet!) But overall, Pat has been a great support and is always happy to meet up within our busy hectic schedules, and offer sound advice.

nat barnard power training

I have been tested a few times on the Computrainer down at the Fitrooms with Pat and Jon Hotchkiss, and have made a 20 watt improvement for my average 10 and 20 minute sustained Power thresholds on the bike time trials. Not only this, I have managed to knock my time down for my half marathon to 1hr 26 mins. For my third ever time running this distance without specific run training for it!

_MG_4280nat vo2

I look forward to testing out my new QR TimeTrial bike on the new path I have chosen to take in Ironman 70.3s. I’m away training with the UWA squad in Perth January-March, then i return to race in the French Elite Grand Prix in April then my first 70.3 ever in Lisbon!


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