Geraldine Treacher

Stuart Anderson IMkona Medal

Name:Geraldine Treacher
Occupation:Policy Advisor at DWP
Sports History:Three years enduro and cross country mountain bike racing
Sporting Highs:Being used as a pacemaker by a pile of guys for the longest ascent in the Sudenty stage race and then biking off at the summit as things go technical
Goals:Top 3 in age group at 2011 Southern XC and top 5 in mixed category in 2011 mtb stage race (possibly BC, Sudenty or Trans-Alps)
What Motivates you to Train & during Racing :Getting faster and stronger with every season and knowing that once I've reached the top of the hill I get to bike down (and maybe up again).
Personal Motto or Favourite Quote :Lycra is practical
Some recent results:2nd overall female expert in 2010 Gorrick Spring Series, 2nd overall 4-hour female in Gorrick Brass Monkey 2009/10, 1st 24 hour women's team in Bontrager 24/12 in 2008 ans 2009, 3rd overall in age category in 2009 Gorrick Spring Series
Favourite Swim, Bike or Run Session:Bike endurance - bike and bike and bike up and down for 6 hours (preferably in summer)
Favourite Strength & Conditioning Exercise:Kettlebell windmills
Most important strength or flexibilty exercise to keep you injury free:Rolling out quads and ITB on the trigger point grid
What would be your cycling or triathlon tip to the average athlete:Bike lots but make sure you keep your body balanced (with kettlebells!)
My Bikes:Scott Spark, Scott Scale and some crappy 90s road bike for training on
My Wheels:Maxic Crossmax SL
My Wetsuits:
My Running Shoes:
My Clothing:
My Nutrition:
My Heart Rate Monitor and Bike Computers:
Other Kit used or Sponsors:
My Coach:Pat at Pro-Vo2
My Physio:Fran at Balance Physio
My Massage:Balance Physio
My Blog or Website: