James Peet

Stuart Anderson IMkona Medal

Name:James Peet
Occupation:Software Development Manager
Sports History:29 years of too many late nights and too many drinks. A year of MTB then four years of triathlon to compensate
Sporting Highs:Sub-10hrs in my first IM, qualifying for Kona in my 2nd IM and doing 9h16 at Roth after a year of knee injuries, broken ribs and illness.
Goals:A Sub 9hr Ironman
What Motivates you to Train & during Racing :Getting outside and away from work and the city. As long as I keep improving I'll be motivated!
Personal Motto or Favourite Quote :"Two blondes walk into a building.......... you'd think at least one of them would have seen it." - Tommy Cooper
Fastest Ironman & 70.3 Finishing Times:9h16 (Roth, Germany) 4:20 (Antwerp 70.3, Belgium)
Fastest Olympic & Sprint Finishing Times:2h07 (Bala Standard, UK) 01h03 (220 Evening Sprint, UK)
Favourite Swim, Bike or Run Session:Long bike ride
Favourite Strength & Conditioning Exercise:Roman Chair - ouch
Most important strength or flexibilty exercise to keep you injury free:The magic foam roller
What would be your cycling or triathlon tip to the average athlete:Bury yourself in training and racings easy!
My Bikes:Blue Triad SL, Giant TCR C0
My Wheels:Xentis TT
My Wetsuits:Sailfish
My Running Shoes:Mizuno, Newton
My Clothing:Fusion
My Nutrition:First Endurance
My Heart Rate Monitor and Bike Computers:SRM, Garmin 305, Garmin 500
Other Kit used or Sponsors:Ekoi Helmets, Multisport Distribution
My Coach:Richard Hobson (www.triliving.com)
My Physio:Touch wood I've not needed one this year but it'll probably be Physio4Life when I do
My Massage:Physio4Life (Putney) - Any chance of a discount?
My Blog or Website:http://jimbopeet.blogspot.com