Natalie X Barnard

Stuart Anderson IMkona Medal

Name:Natalie Barnard
Occupation:Postgraduate, Triathlete + Sports Masseuse
Sports History:National 100m Fly swimmer until 16, then onto Triathlon!
Sporting Highs:World Biathle Champ 2007, Euro Biathle Champ 2008, 18th Elite Junior Worlds and 19th European Champs
Goals:To be the best of my ability and well known, successful and respected as an athlete. Commonwealths 2014 and beyond!
What Motivates you to Train & during Racing :To think of the benefits that outweigh the negatives of a bad performance or tough training session
Personal Motto or Favourite Quote :"Don't practice til you get it right. Practice til you can't get it wrong"
Fastest Ironman & 70.3 Finishing Times:none
Fastest Olympic & Sprint Finishing Times:not a clue!!
Favourite Swim, Bike or Run Session:Swim: 20x100m on 1.20 long course hold best pace
Favourite Strength & Conditioning Exercise:Squat with free weights: Split squats and step squads: feel the Quads and Glutes burn baby!
Most important strength or flexibilty exercise to keep you injury free:General massage: ITB, Quads and Lower back
What would be your cycling or triathlon tip to the average athlete:ENJOY IT, do it for you, the moment it is for others' you need to reconsider why you do it
My Bikes:Specialised S-Work Tarmac x2 (blue and red) and Scott Addict R3 (from French Team!)
My Wheels:Black Jacks Carbon
My Wetsuits:Sailfish (Sponsor)
My Running Shoes:Brooks DS Racer
My Clothing:Anything that fits!
My Nutrition:Maxifuel VIPER Bars and Progain
My Heart Rate Monitor and Bike Computers:Polar RS800
Other Kit used or Sponsors:Oakley
My Coach:n/a
My Physio:n/a
My Massage:I give out the massage!!!
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