Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson IMkona Medal

Name:Stuart Anderson
Occupation:Consultancy Manager @ Daily Telegraph
Sports History:Five years racing in triathlon and cycling
Sporting Highs:Six world champ at all distances, my favorite being the inaugral 70.3 World champs 06 and Kona in 2007, 2008 - awesome!!!"
Goals:Top 10 in age group at Kona in 2010
What Motivates you to Train & during Racing :I love racingÂ…. And I train to race!! That aside I train with some great athletes and together we inspire each other
Personal Motto or Favourite Quote :"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" by Steve Prefontain
Fastest Ironman & 70.3 Finishing Times:9:33:18 (IM Wisconsin) 4:12.44 (World 70.3 Champs - Florida)
Fastest Olympic & Sprint Finishing Times:2:00:03 (Bedford, UK) 00:55:11 (Eton Sprint, UK)
Favourite Swim, Bike or Run Session:6 hours in the Surrey Hills with Dec, Dion and Tim
Favourite Strength & Conditioning Exercise:Pilates - I use the foam roller every day
Most important strength or flexibilty exercise to keep you injury free:Supine ITB Stretch
What would be your cycling or triathlon tip to the average athlete:When you race, break it down in to 3 or 4 min at a time. Race hard for one segment, then go againÂ….
My Bikes:Specialised S-Work Tarmac / Specialized S-Works transition / Specialized Expert Carbon MTB
My Wheels:Zipp 808/404s & Pete Matthews custom
My Wetsuits:Snugg (custom) Sailfish
My Running Shoes:Newton, Terra plana Evo Barefoot
My Clothing:Skinfit
My Nutrition: Infinit on bike, Maxifuel gels on the run
My Heart Rate Monitor and Bike Computers:Garmin 310XT and Garmin edge. 500 powertap
Other Kit used or Sponsors:Timex, Speedfil,
My Coach:Richard Hobson (
My Physio:Physio4Life (Putney)
My Massage:Kerry Anley (
My Blog or Website: