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Step 1 – Consultation
The first step is to have a friendly chat about your training goals over the phone or to send us details of your needs via an email. We can then either have a consultation over the phone or arrange a meeting with you with one of the team. You can then run through your previous exercise history and goals in detail, so we can see which Services would be best for you. Contact Us to start getting in awesome shape!

>Step 2 – Assessment
After your consultation the next step is to make sure you are training correctly from the start. We offer a full range of performance assessments to make sure you are getting the most from your training, improving technique and staying injury free. Our Performance Services include Metabolic Testing (Fat Loss, Fitness & Sports Performance), Dynamic Bike Fitting, Running Analysis and Swimming Technique.

Step 3 – Planning
Once you have had an initial consultation or performance assessment a coach or trainer can then use that information to suggest the best Training Program for you and also see whether you need any further individual support with your plan. We have a wide range of plans to choose from based on ability level. We also write completely customised training plans to adapt around family, work and lifestyle.

Step 4 – Training
Heres where the fun starts! So you’re all set from the previous steps and now ready to get on with training. Again we offer a wide range of training from Personal Coaching to Group Training sessions. Simply choose what type of coaching you need, who you want to train with or what group sessions you’d like to attend. We also provide some fantastic UK and Warm Weather Camps & Clinics.

Step 5 – Results!
Our methods are tried and tested knowing we have helped thousands of people get fitter, lose weight and improve their sports performance. At Pro-VO2 there is a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to help you. Read some of our client Testimonials and experiences in achieving their goals. Also meet our sporting Ambassadors who we help keep at the top of their game!

Cheaper Training & Partner Discounts
Pro-VO2 Coaching offers a Membership Card of different levels reducing the amount you pay for your training and giving massive discounts with partners. The membership card applies to Performance Services, Training Plans, Personal Coaching and Training Camps. Read More…

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