We are passionate about sports and helping improve athletes performance. Our main sports coaching services are aimed towards multisport participants who enjoy swimming, cycling and running. Meet our coaching team, read our articles and view our multisport packages.

Coaching for Multi-Sport Racing
It is our aim to help all ability athletes become fitter, faster and stronger. We are ‘the specialists’ in Ironman, Cycling and Triathlon Coaching in London having an unsurpassable wealth of knowledge and experience with our well known coaching team. Our sports science expertise, training methodolgy and professional racing experience make sure results are achieved through effective motivating training.
Meet the Coach’s & Experts
This is why Pro-VO2 is the first choice in multisport coaching and why so many athletes come to train with us. Most coaching companies offer either ‘a coach’ or an ‘athlete’ who has decided to coach as their selling point. We offer both! All our expert coach’s are able to coach you practically with the mix of real life racing experience and years of professional coaching knowledge! Meet the Team.
MultiSport Articles & Videos
To help you stay up to date and motivated with your training we will be posting regular Multisport Articles from our coach’s, expert’s and partnered businesses. We will look to cover many topics based around the “4 Key Areas” of Physical, Nutritional, Equipment and Mental Training. We will also post a variety of Mutisport Videos from race execution tips & training exercises to real race & training action.
Training & Packages
Most of our individual services will benefit you whether your an athlete looking to improve performance or simply a client looking to improve your fitness levels. There is of course our Group Training which is totally geared towards triathletes and cyclists. In addition to this we offer regular Camps & Clinics both UK based and abroad. We have also put together some Training Packages to get you all set to beating your PB’s!
Maxifuel nutrition sponsor Pro-VO2 ‘MultiSport’ section. You can try out and learn more about Maxifuel products on our Camps & Clinics and in some of our MultiSport Articles.