Our BikeLab facility holds the ultimate Computrainer systems area, which we use for our cycling power testing to identify a cyclists power, anaerobic threshold and pedaling efficiency. Riders can bring in their own bikes to train and race against friends or be coached individually on the leading cycling ergometers.

The USA, Canadian and British Triathlon and Cycling Associations rely on the Computrainer to test and train their national team athletes. We can perform the same series of sports specific cycling tests to assess, analyse and improve your cycling fitness.

Computrainer Power Training

Pro-Vo2s head coach Pat Leahy has been working with computrainer to test and train athletes for years and rates it as the best piece of equipment to get athletes stronger on the bike. “Races are

won from training on the computrainer as it develops amazing strength and endurance on the bike and we also see crossover into an athletes running pace!”

Critical Power TestingPro-Vo2 Power RankingsAthletes Videos

Once we have tested your initial cycling power, we can grade your ability level for our outdoor group rides and develop the perfect cycling or triathlon plan to make you stronger.

Cycling Coaching & Technique

The Computrainer is perfect for both complete beginner’s who need coaching on how to use their new equipment and expert riders looking to improve their pedaling efficiency. New riders have a fun safe cycling enviroment to get used to their new cycling shoes, cleats, aerobars and bike gears,

whilst the Computrainer simulation gives you the same feeling as if you were riding up and down hills outside. Your current, average and maximum speed, heart rate, cadence, power output in watts, elapsed time and time interval to other riders using the system is projected using 3d Virtual Reality or Real Film footage onto a widescreen monitor.