Training plans specifically designed to your ability level, event and needs. Professionally structured workouts and nutrition delivered to you Online & in PDF format. Proven success from thousands of athletes makes our Training Programs the gold standard of multisport & fitness.

Free Training Plans & Planner!
To help you get started and motivated with your training we have written a number of Free Training Plans covering all the main triathlon event distances and a number of other plans including cycling, running & fitness. You can access your Free Plan using the fantastic Base2Race software, where you can establish goals, plan races, get a plan and track your weekly training! Click Here to set up your FREE account!!!
Massive Library of Training Plans
Our Training Programs take the guess work out of your training, giving you detailed daily workouts which will ensure you reach a high level of fitness and achieve your goal. To view the 100+plans we have available and see previews of the weeks training workouts, triathletes check out our Triathlon Plans, cyclists check out our Cycling Plans and runners check out our Running Plans.
Coaching Plans with Support
Using our training methodolgy we will write customised plans for you ensuring they meet your requirements for the weeks ahead. We keep this simple by offering review and planning session every 4 weeks to adapt your training plan around your next 4 weeks schedule, whilst also reviewing your previous training. Our coaching plans are usually £150 a month, please email for more information.
Other Plans & Software we Support
We use the New Leaf software for our fitness assessments and can put together simple plans for you , along with your Metabolic Fitness Test reports. These will be presented as PDFs. Most of our plan delivery and support is using Base2Race as it is very easy to use, whilst we do also use training peaks and WKO+ software. We support most training software for heart rate monitors and cycling power devices.
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