The following abbreviations are used throughout the workout menus and descriptions in our training plans. Highlighted in green are common abbreviations used with in workout descriptions to help you understand the lingo.

‘ or min – Minutes
” or sec – Seconds
1:00 – One hour
00:30 – 30 minutes
A-Anaerobic endurance
AA- Anatomical Adaptation
AT – Anaerobic threshold

ATP-Annual Training Plan
BCR – Big chain ring
CD: – Cool down (within workout description)
CP- Critical Power
CT - CompuTrainer
E- Endurance
F- Force
FGB – Fixed gear bike
km - Kilometer
Lt - Left
LT – Lactate Threshold (same as AT-Anaerobic Threshold)
M – Mile
m – Meter
M- Muscular endurance
MS- Max Strength

MS: – Main Set (within workout description)
MTB – Mountain bike
P- Power
PE- Power Endurance
RB – Road bike
Rep – Repetition
RI – Recovery Interval
Rt – Right
rpm – Revolutions per minute
S- Speed
SCR – Small chain ring
SM- Strength Maintenance
T- Test
WU: – Warm-up (within workout description)
XT – Cross train
Yds – Yards
Z – Heart Rate Intensity Zone (eg Work in z1-2)

( ) – Brackets usually indicate the recovery period. E.g 5’ (2’) means 2’ recovery