Metabolic Fitness Testing

What is Vo2Max Testing or Metabolic Fitness Assessing?

Metabolic Testing is when we measure your breathing (gaseous exchange) during rest and exercise to determine your current metabolism and fitness level. There are two assessments which are usually performed together. The first test will measure your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which is performed sitting or lying comfortably for between 10-15minutes, then the second test is the Exercise Metabolic Test (EMT) which will be performed on a treadmill, bike or rowing machine which takes between 15-20minutes.

During both assessment’s you will wear a heart rate monitor transmitter belt around your chest and a comfortable breathing mask will be placed over your nose & mouth. Tubes from the face mask are connected to an analyser in turn this is connected to a laptop computer. After the assessments we will go through all of the results with you, set your heart rate training zones and discuss whether you require a training plan and any other types of coaching or services.

What are the Benefits of the the Assessments?

There are many benefits to doing the assessments and a lot of different types of information you will receive about yourself from the results. It is extremely common  to see people have been training incorrectly with their cardiovascular workouts and often ‘training to hard’ in all of their sessions. Overdoing the effort and feeling ‘rung out’ does not equate to weight loss or fitness. Often when you workout hard you are not burning fat calories or making yourself fitter.

With your unique profile you can more easily achieve weight loss goals, and improve aerobic fitness. It’s simple to see how many calories you can eat without gaining weight & how you can maximise calories burnt in every workout.

Your body’s metabolic profile can identify the training zones that will give you your best results whether you are trying to lose weight, looking to improve performance or simply keeping fit. Your heart rate zones will train your body to become more efficient at burning fat as an energy source, they will show you how to build a stronger and wider aerobic base, they will also show you your anaerobic threshold, and how to move this higher thus improving performance.

Key benefits include;

  • Know exactly how many calories you can eat to gain or LOSE WEIGHT effectively
  • See exactly what percentage of fat to sugar you are burning at rest and during exercise
  • Use the results to adapt your diet and lifestyle to improve your resting metabolism
  • Use the results to IMPROVE PERFORMANCE with a personal heart rate zoned exercise plan
  • See you current level of fitness (fitness score) measured as Vo2 Max or Peak
  • See which heart rate zones you should work in to BURN the most body FAT calories
  • See which heart rate zones you should work in to improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • TRAINING PLANS become ‘personalised’ to you through your own unique training zones
  • Heart rate training zones act as ‘a brake’ to stop inefficient training and overtraining
  • Knowing your anaerobic threshold gives you a racing and training dashboard (much like a car’s)

Once you have a tested and trained using heart rate training you soon learn that this is one of the most powerful tools in improving your fitness by training smarter and not wasting your valuable time on wasted effort. Be smart and start training in the zone!