We offer a full range of performance assessments to make sure you are getting the most from your training, improving technique and staying injury free. Click on the read more for further information or you can see all pricing in the Performance Services section of our store.

VO2 Metabolic Fitness Testing
At Pro-VO2 we use Metabolic Fitness Testing as the gold standard in assessing your current level of fitness and to determine the correct type, volume and intensity of exercise prescribed into a well structured training plan. You will find out exactly how much you can eat on different volume training days and the ‘heart rate zones’ to use during training to improve ‘fat-burning’, fitness and performance. View Tests..
Bike Fitting & Cycling Analysis
Step one is to get ‘free speed’ and stay ‘injury free’ by having a good bike fit. Using the 3D Retul Bike Fitting system the experts at Freespeed will have you set up to ride with confidence. Then we have years of success in improving cyclist’s speed, power and riding efficiency through using a combination of 121 Cycling Coaching (bike computrainers, strength work & bespoke rides) and Group Cycling Sessions.
Running Technique Analysis
Each one of us is unique. No one shares the same body structure, biomechanics, injury history, or ambitions. So the path to enjoyment in whatever it is you love doing can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. We use the brilliant cutting edge technology with the 3D Custom Run System to help us analyse your biomechanics, then we can improve you with our 121 Run Coaching and our Group Running Sessions.
Swim Stroke Analysis
Morning, day and evening. Bespoke swimming lessons to improve your technique. ASA qualified tutors. Traditional 25m pool. A lesson of personal tuition will help you learn to swim, swim faster, maybe even take on the other strokes. We work with  Swim For Tri who are the best in the business and can also use video analysis to provide feedback. We also run Open Water Swimming sessions from April to September.
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